This article focuses on the offense of minors drinking within Memphis, Tennessee, the consequences, and what you should do if you’re arrested. Be sure to check the laws in your area in case you live outside Tennessee and your laws could be different. It is a fact that in Tennessee it is illegal for minors (anyone who is under 21) to purchase, attempt to purchase, or to possess alcohol. The penalties for violating the law could include any or all of these such as jail time, probation fines, suspension the driver’s licence. This could lead to an indefinite conviction on the record of the minorTennessee abc class.

My practice is in the Memphis region, numerous jurisdictions are enforcing stricter rules on minors who are in possession of alcohol. The majority of local courts — including Downtown, Collierville, Bartlett, and Germantown — will prosecute minors. For instance, take Collierville for example located in the suburbs of Memphis. If a small group of youngsters who are under 21 throw a celebration in Collierville where alcohol is present and the police take over the gathering, there is probable that all guests could be arrested for drinking alcohol, even people who weren’t drinking. Within any of the Memphis areas, there could be fines for purchasing or trying to purchase alcohol by minors, as well as the use of fraudulent or fake identification for making a purchase.

Despite the severe penalties, courts in the Memphis area typically offer alternatives to sentences like the community or classes for alcohol-related safety with the possibility of having the charges dismissed and the whole history of the case wiped out. If the classes aren’t the best option for the minor, then child might be required to complete a diversion judicial that is a time of probation that is followed by the dismissal of the case. Bartlett, Germantown, Collierville and downtown Memphis have been known to get rid of cases in this manner. The process of expungement involves getting all records public about the case removed. It is a requirement for an order to be signed by the judge . It typically takes between a couple of weeks to some months to process. The reason for expungement is that it will erase the charge from the record of the minor, assuring that it won’t show in interviews for jobs as well as college admissions. It is therefore crucial to secure an exclusion of the charge and avoid an guilty plea. If a minor is denied their driver’s license due to the illegal consumption or possession of alcohol in Memphis or elsewhere, they can apply for limited driver’s license. A restricted license permits drivers to drive only for specific purposes, such as go to work or school. Due to the many penalties and consequences that come with this offense it is recommended that it is recommended that a Memphis minor possession attorney must be sought out.



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