The winter season is rapidly closing in the Northern hemisphere , and the celebration and functions season is right around the next corner. At this point that many event coordinators check out the tents for special events that are made and think “how large a tent do I require for this particular occasion?” This is a valid query that has (and has) confused even the most knowledgeable and experienced event coordinators for a long time, so to help out, we’ve created a the How Big a Event Tent Do You Need a cheat sheets…

What size tent do I require?

Here is a step-by-step instruction on how to select the appropriate dimension tent to host your big occasion Pita NY Brooklyn:

  1. Be aware of the basics before deciding on the right tent

The most crucial aspect of choosing the appropriate size for your tent is equally the easiest! Find out how many will be in attendance at the event and also what will be taking place in the tent. Also, what location the tent will be set up. For instance, Kate is hosting a event for the launch of a new product that will accommodate 150 guests. The tent should include a display area for the product and an elevated podium or stage space for speakers. The event will also need for audiovisual capability as well as a light meal and cocktails will also be offered. This tent is situated in front of the grass area of the headquarters of the manufacturer.

  1. Calculate the Seating Area that will be Required

There are several fundamental formulas that can be used to calculate the square footage that must be in the tent. The most straightforward “rule of the thumb” is to think of around 100sq.ft. for a round table that has 8-10 chairs and table guests. When the table size is an eight foot long banqueting table that seats 8 chairs and eight people around it, plan for 80sq.ft. per table. Also, if you are seating an theatre-style layout to hold a wedding ceremony, each folding chair needs an amount of 6sq.ft. per person.

  1. Do You Really Need a Dancefloor?

If you require a dance floor it is important to be aware of the number of people who are likely to use it. An accurate estimate of the size of a dancefloor is 2-4sq.ft. per person. This means that if will be hosting an event with 200 people and all participants will be using it, you’ll require an area of around 20’x20′.

  1. What will the entertainment be?

If you plan to use the stage, be certain to consider the equipment requirements. A band of four members with a amps and drum kit will require a stage with at least 12’x 20′. Don’t forget to include any sound engineers or equipment they’ll need to utilize.

  1. Will There Be Food?

If you are planning a buffet ensure you have around 100sq.ft. per 8′ banquet table. A meal served in contrast, might require less floor space, but how will the food be cooked? Do you think a less compact “catering” space be required also?

  1. What kind of tent will you Have to Get?

Then, consider the kind of tent you require for your special occasion. There are many special event tents for hire or buy (including Bedouin, Marquee and Pole Tents) and each has its own distinctive space requirements.




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