Electric heater must be unfamiliar, then do you know its debugging step?Let’s talk about it.1, reduce the pressure loss of the air electric heater itself.And it is necessary to let the heated air, such a flow through the air electrical heater, it will generate compression.The larger the compression, the greater the energy consumption of the fan, and should be improved from the structure of the air electric heater itself, ceramic heater so that the pressure loss generated is small.2, if the fan is stopped in use, the air electric heater should be powered off in time.Moreover, it is strictly forbidden to circulate air in the housing, so that the air electric heater is energized for a long time, so as to avoid early damage to the heating element.It is necessary to remember that when starting, you need to start the fan, and then connect the power of the electric heater element.When there is a shutdown, there is a need to disconnect the power supply of the heating element, and then stop the fan.The above is about the debugging step of electric heater, is everyone remembered?

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