Everybody knows at least one player, your most trusted acquaintance, your reclusive neighbor or the guy down the street from the large house, your mother or your grandmother. Do you know which kind of player they are?

This article will try to define the different types of gamers so that the when you next see them, you’ll be able determine what kind of player they are.

Casual Gamer

An casual player is someone who’s interest in games is minimal, they tend to favor simpler ways of playing and don’t devote hours playing one particular games. Casual gamers tend to be female and love games that are interactive, such as games where you can move a character in a virtual world or manage the character through motion sensors pc game controler.

Hardcore Gamers

The most dedicated gamers spend hours working on their play style in every game. They prefer games that require a lot of player involvement and take longer to achieve in-game objectives like accomplishments and quests. A majority of gamers with an attitude of competition when playing online, all of them striving to beat their opponent and get into online leagues and tournaments.

Pro Gamers

Professional gamers engage in video gaming to earn money. Some work as professional players for a living making large sums of cash when they win contests. Professional gamers are the most successful of the tough gamers typically focusing on specific games or franchises of games. Professional gamers can earn more than $150,000 annually from tournaments and endorsements from gaming and electronics firms. Progaming is a big business in South Korea and Japan where tournaments are broadcast to thousands of players.

Newbie / Noob

Noob is a term used in slang for someone who is new to playing a game, or an amateur or a poor player. It is usually employed as a slur in games like “look at this noob who does not know what he’s doing!”

Retro Gamer

Retro gaming is returning in a major way. Many people are reminiscing about the classic and addicting games that they used to play as kids or teens and would like to revisit certain moments. A lot of console emulators from the past are accessible online today, so gamers from the past can download their favorite old-school games to play on the latest PC systems. In addition to emulators, many gamers are taking out the old gaming consoles they have in their attics and re-discovering how games were played.

This list is extensive and there are many subsets for each kind of player but hopefully , you’ll now be able to determine the type of player in all your friends.

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