Companies used to fly significant staff and key executives to attend meetings, trade exhibitions, conferences, and deliver presentations on behalf of the firm not long ago. Those days are long gone, thanks to the high cost of travel, which includes hotels, vehicle rentals, airline, and, of course, the day-to-day spending for food, drink, and entertainment.

Because of the many advantages, companies trying to save costs while growing revenues are increasingly turning to the internet and  kora live offering live streaming video presentations. Here are five of the most compelling reasons to broadcast your own presentations:

  1. Your target audience is from all around the world. You may practically broadcast to potential clients in Europe, Australia, Russia, and other parts of the world from the comfort of your own computer, without incurring any trip costs.
  2. You may effortlessly present your PowerPoint presentations to your audience as if you were standing directly in front of them. You may exhibit the powerpoint presentation you spent many hours on directly on your prospect’s computer screen while you’re chatting on video in real time.
  3. You may engage with your audience while giving your presentation to answer questions, collect feedback, and gauge their level of interest. It’s as though you’re there in person.
  4. Unlike in-person meetings, streaming video presentations may be recorded for future viewing, so if a key customer is unable to attend, they can watch the entire presentation without missing a beat.
  5. Some live streaming video broadcasting systems allow you to resell the service while presenting.

If someone is watching and wants to make an effective presentation for their company, they may click a button on the screen and sign up for an account right away, and you will be paid as an affiliate.

When looking for firms that offer live presentation and video streaming services, I would strongly recommend opting with one that offers an affiliate programme, since this is a really powerful technology that sells itself once you realise how effective a live streaming broadcast can be.

Keep in mind that the traditional advertising approach is evolving away from traditional channels and toward the internet. Large organisations are taking advantage of this by investing millions of dollars in the development of internet marketing software at a time when technology has advanced to the point where streaming video is now a reality.

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