The position of ones surveillance camera is extremely important in building a home security system that works. Don’t just trust the home security installer to know exactly where to place the surveillance camera, because it is often you, the home owner that will know the blind spots of the home, and the needs for surveillance camera placement.

Go for multiple views when it comes to surveillance reolink camera setup camera positioning. Make sure that each camera is located in a place that gives it an optimal eye over the area outside your house that it is to cover. Often the installer will try to mount it in the easiest place to install; this is not the best way to handle your home security install. Simply ask for the prospective location of each camera, and then take a pair of binoculars to the closet point possible to that point and see what you can through the eyes of the equipment. If the view is clear, and is able to survey the area without obstruction, give the install a green light, if not make an adjustment until the position works.

Never allow your surveillance camera to get in the line of sight of a tree, bush, or building. Many outside cameras will have a limited view because of poor placement. The outside or your home should have cameras mounted above the gutters, and near the roof for the best view points. If you have a large, or multistory home, make sure there is at least two cameras covering the angles from the roof. One camera should cover the front yard, and another to cover the backyard space.

Remember to adjust your surveillance cameras each year for anything that might be impending its view. Owning a video surveillance system is only as good as its owner. If you are not constantly watching out for anything that could get in the way of the camera, it will become drastically less effective in terms of surveillance. The world continues to evolve from trees, to bushes, to buildings, while the camera will stay mounted in the same place unless you choose to move it. This means that you must be diligent in making sure that whatever is going up in front of the camera is not going to be in the way of the line of sight from the camera.

Put surveillance cameras in your house, on each floor for extra protection. For maximum protection, cameras should be both inside, and out. The inside cameras should be mounted on each floor to keep each floor in plain sight of the surveillance in case any incident happens, the perpetrator can be easily identified.


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