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Today I will discuss how to learn Spanish watching motion watch movies online pictures or DVDs. I will likewise discuss a trap to post for while learning Spanish watching films or DVDs. I will likewise examine some Spanish jargon words utilized in Colombia that are not the same as the Spanish jargon words that I have gained from my companions from other Latin American nations. I will start with recounting to you a story which is really a passage in my own diary from the fall of 2006 when I was all the while living in a beach front city of Colombia called Barranquilla:

Today, I went on a “cita” (date) with a “muchacha” (young lady). I took her to the “cine” (motion pictures). The date began with a similar Spanish jargon words that I am know all about.

We went to the “cine” or cinema to see a “película” or film. Yet, when we got to the snack bar that is the point at which all the jargon that I had advanced immediately changed.

I requested two coca colas and “palomitas” or popcorn. Coincidentally, “palomitas” in a real sense signifies “little pigeons.” However when I put in my request for “palomitas” or popcorn, my date shared with me that “acá en Colombia se dice crispeta,” or, in any event, “crispeta” was more normally utilized than “palomitas” in Barranquilla.

“O.K. don’t worry about it,” I thought. Essentially she was likewise acquainted with “palomitas.” However at that point I saw that I failed to remember the drinking straws for our soft drinks.

“Donde están los sorbetes?,” I asked the señorita behind the counter. What’s more, she viewed at me as though I was communicating in English rather than Spanish. Clearly, in Colombia “drinking straws” are not called “sorbetes,” they are classified “PITILLOS”

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