Stamping is at normal temperature, and a pressure processed method for applying a pressure on a pressure on a press to produce plastic deformation or separation, using a stamping mold to obtain a pressure processing method of a part of the desired shape and size. This processing method is usually a cold punching.

Stamping mold is a process equipment that processes material into workpiece or semi-finished products in punching processing, which is the main process equipment for industrial production. Production of parts with stamping molds can use a large amount of steel plate or steel strip in the metallurgical plant as a blank, and Metal Stamping no heat is required in production, with high production efficiency, good quality, light weight and low cost. In aircraft, automotive, tractors, motors, electrical, instruments, meters, and cold stamping products that are everywhere in daily necessities. Such as: stainless steel lips, dining plate, easy pull can, car cover, bullet case, airplane skin, etc. According to incomplete statistics, the stamping parts accounted for about 60% in the car and the tractor industry, accounting for about 85 ‘\u0026 gt; IO in the electronics industry, while the daily hardware products accounted for about 90%.

The press is mechanical to achieve pressure machining to materials placed in the mold. Pressure machines with stamping processes include mechanical pressures and hydraulic pressures.

A stamping member often needs to be completed by a multi-channel stamping process. Due to the shape, size accuracy, production batch, raw materials, etc., but it can be roughly divided into two categories: separation step and molding process.

(1) Separation step: The pressing member is separated from each other along a certain outline. For example: cutting, punching, falling, incision, cutting edge, etc.

(2) Forming process: material produces plastic deformation under non-rupture, thereby obtaining a certain shape, size, and accuracy requirement of the part. For example: curvature, draw, flanging, swelling, shaping, etc.

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