When many people think of home safes they are drawn to thoughts of Hollywood movies, scenes where the villains break into homes of the rich and find safes hidden behind large paintings, behind moving panels or other ornate objects. Many people, because of this, blow off thoughts of getting a safe thinking that those are for the rich and wealthy. This however, is simply not true. Home safes are for everyone who owns a home and has something important that they believe needs to be kept safe. Here is a look at different things you can use a safe at home for.

Jewelry and family heirlooms

Jewelry is one common item that is kept safe for sale in safes, especially if the pieces have any value. Sometimes jewelry may not have much monetary value, but might be a family heirloom that is important to you. Family heirlooms that can also be kept under lock and key include small pieces of art work or small antique pieces.

Important documents

Most people have various documents lying around that would be best kept in a locked safe within your home. Social security cards, birth certificates and passports are a good place to start. Other items best kept in a safe are insurance policies including auto, home, life and any other specialty policies you may hold. It’s a good idea to store your marriage licenses and divorce papers in a security or locked safe, as well. Other important documents that belong in a safe include your will, power of attorney papers, titles for any property you own and any important medical papers.

Computer hard drives and other computer data components

When you think of how much valuable information is stored on your computer, having a backup stored in a safe just makes sense. Keeping copies of any important documents and even a back up file of any family photos is a good idea. There are also specific safes designed to conceal laptops and other computer components that fit easily into your home or even a college dorm room. Computers and components of computers are a quick steal for the seasoned burglar and keeping these valuables under lock and key is a simple precaution to take.


A good number of people today own some type of firearm, especially hunting rifles. Not having these protected can be a deadly mistake you won’t want to make. Firearm safes are very common and a great investment. They keep your weapons hidden and locked up so that children, especially, cannot find them and accidentally fire them, yet they still keep the guns in a place where you can reach them when necessary. Firearms are also a hot ticket item for burglars, another great reason to keep them locked up and out of sight.

Coin or Other Types of Collections

If you have a coin collection or any other type of collection that will fit into a home safe, this is a great way to protect it. Coin collections can be worth a good deal of money and are something a burglar can easily walk off with.

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