Roof cleaning products that remove the black algae, moss or fungus off the roof’s shingles are typically constructed with two components. In this article , we’ll look at the two kinds of roof cleaning products that are most commonly employed by contractors and homeowners as well as the advantages and disadvantages of each Cedar Shake Roof Cleaning.

The first product to clean your roof we’ll talk about will be Chlorine Bleach (sodium hypochlorite) or Lye (sodium hydroxide). This kind of roof cleaning product is typically employed by professionals who clean roofs because of the caustic nature and caustic properties of the principal component (sodium hypochlorite) and is the most affordable chemical that is available. Industriestrength Chlorine Bleach is an easily available product be purchased at retailers for pool supplies that make it simple for contractors to purchase it when they require.

Pros: Cheapest chemical available to make. In general, there is no need for pressure to rinse. Chlorine Bleach is easily available for purchase from retailers of pool supplies.

CONS It is a aggressive, dangerous chemical which if not used correctly, can dry out or harm your roof shingles, strip the coating on aluminum gutters and paint surfaces, harm grass and plants, or pose health risks to your children and pets. A little excess spray during roof cleaning can be disastrous in many ways. Chlorine bleach isn’t biodegradable, and once it is in the soil it will forever remain there

Can chlorine bleach or bleach roofing products be used with no fear of this kind of damage? They can, provided you’re extremely cautious. The most important question to consider is when did you last carried out a home improvement task that went exactly as you imagined it was going to? However careful you are, the chance that you’ll have over spray onto something other that your roof shingles are decent. Even a tiny amount of wind could cause the over spray to get into your backyard or even your neighbor’s yard. The majority of homeowners don’t want to risk it, and therefore either employ a professional roof cleaning service or opt for a organic and safe product, which we’ll talk about in the coming weeks.

The other type of roof cleaners are based on hydrogen peroxide and utilize as the main ingredient Sodium Percarbonate, a biodegradable and safe replacement for Chlorine Bleach. It is used by homeowners as well as professionals who require an alternative that is safe to Chlorine Bleach that works in removing algae black staining, moss or fungus off roofing shingles.

Pros: This kind of roof cleaner eliminates the anxiety of over spray . It does not damage the aluminum gutter’s surface and painted surfaces. It also won’t stain paint as well as damage grass and plants or cause health risks for children and pets. It offers an environmentally friendly and safe method to get the same results. It is possible to approach the cleansing process two distinct ways using this roof cleaner. Spray it on, and then apply the pressure washer at an extremely low pressure setting (as as much as a heavy rain) to get results immediately as well as use it to spray and then let it wash off the stain naturally over a period of approximately 90 days. This flexibility in the application process and rinse is another reason that homeowners and contractors prefer to apply this type of biodegradable roof cleaner.

CONS: A little less expensive in comparison to Chlorine Bleach. Green products typically are more expensive than the caustic chemical. In extreme cases, when you use this method of natural cleansing, you may have to apply it again after 90 days in order to attain the desired results.

With the information about the types of roof cleaning products that are available, you are able to make an informed choice in regard to what’s best for your family, you and pets as well as your home.


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