Last time we talked about an fantastic functions in “air in Nike”, and I think you perhaps have a fashionable concept what on the earth this selection is, the standards it runs and its recognition as properly.

The time it got here out brings about a progressive Nike shoes buying tide. Nike air because the first generation developed by means of Nike remains its powerful impact.

The four fundamental series of Nike shoes carried out with the superior era are the indexed under:

Air Max
Air max is one of the maximum famous and  ג׳ורדן well-received Nike shoes collection, and it also is the primary Nike footwear which applied with air cushion. Strongly encapsulate the gasoline into the hard synthetic rubber, and formed varies air chamber like: 5psi, 10psi, 20psi and 25psi which more advantageous the shock absorption performance of the shoes. Usually, it’s miles used inside the 1/2 and the heel a part of the footwear.

Air Total
As its named, air overall means that the complete footwear is fulfilled with cushion. And it is the upgraded model of air max. Making up of several cushions of different kilos, it presents a greater secure and secure protection and feeling.

Air Tuned
As for air tuned, it also has something to do with air max, that is, it is advanced from the latter one. Further extra, it is the composition of a number of polyurethane-based hemispheres supplying sports footwear additional damping overall performance in a selected location.

Air Zoom
Based on advanced damping machine of Nike technology, air zoom affords a more fast cushioning performance at the same time as closer to the floor. Mostly, it’s far positioned in price of the half a part of the basketball shoes, but, there are possibilities that it’s far used within the heel part.

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