What if your site could give donors more than the option to make a donation however, but also an opportunity to become a volunteer or renew memberships, register for events, take part in surveys and much more? With the growing popularity of the field of non-profits and the advent of high-speed internet connectivity being more accessible and affordable, nonprofits are catching up with the times by providing donors with various ways to engage on their website. Section 18A Tax Certificate

These additional offerings are intended to improve the number of donors and loyalty. But, these benefits might not be realized fully when all the data that is uploaded online is not recorded in a secure and secure way. Certain organisations are turning to web-based donor management software to handle this job, while other organizations prefer to integrate this data link directly to their locally installed desktop application. Both options provide security for the transfer of data, while ensuring the privacy of financial and personal data.

In this article, we’ll briefly explain the process connecting your desktop application to the internet, and the advantages of doing this.

If the software you purchase allows it, you might be capable of connecting an application on your computer to your site. It is necessary to run an application that is client/server software and the server the software is installed on must be connected online. Once this is done it is possible to speak with your IT department about creating an internet connecting between your database as well as your site.

The Benefits

  1. More Convenient

The fact that your program is connected to the internet gives your donors to have the ease of looking over their donation history changing their mailing or contact details and printing receipts. Your donors can save time as they do not have to contact you every time they require changes or view receipts; it also helps you save time as you don’t have to handle the change and requests.

  1. Save Money And Increase Value

Giving your donors the option of printing their own receipts could save your company a significant amount of cash. This does not need a person who is actually working at the office to answer the phone or update the file as well as saves postal costs by not having to send a receipt every when a receipt is requested. The addition of these services improves the perception of your business and lets you be competitive with other charities which may or may not offer the same service.

  1. More Data Integrity

The manual entry of data could cause errors. The ability of your donor management program to directly integrate information from your site can erase errors of this kind.

  1. Faster Response Time

Your donor management software should be able to automatically mark new donations, volunteers as well as members, with the appropriate letter that are printed with the next batch of donations without any need for manual intervention.

There are many benefits of the software being connected to your website as well. FundRaiser Software will soon offer the capability to perform the majority of these tasks. We suggest you look over some of the benefits and consider if it’s the right choice for your business!

Autumn Shirley is Sales and Marketing Director. She also runs FundRaiser Software, which delivers an effective donor management system to non-profit organizations across the globe.


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