The Sony ps3 wireless controller has another name- DualShock 3. It can also be compatible with PS, PS2, PS3 and PCS. It not only supports 6-axis movement induction function of PS3, but also has the function of vibration which players have been longing for.

The 6-axis induction function can be understood as below:

In the game, the player can move the handle 433 mhz remote control with fluctuation, left and right sides, front and back and during the process, you can have the induction of players’ operation, thereby movement of objects can be controlled. The precision of 6-axis induction is very high and the acceleration of controller motion also can be detected instantly. Compared with the traditional game, it is the relatively new operating mode.

The transmission of DualShock 3 handle depends on 2.4 GHz wireless data. Besides, it supports the function of remote control with wireless DVD and at the same time, this is corresponding with the movement induction and vibration function of 6-axis. So the Sony ps3 wireless controller has met the desire of PS3 players to vibration feature. When the wireless function of this controller is opened using battery, the PS3 handle can maintain about 30 hours using time.

In addition to the movement induction system and wireless function, there is PlayStation buttons of exhaled main menu in the central of the handle. The distance of L2 and R2 buttons is very great as the angle of rocker is very big, so the operating performance is very good. Furthermore, it can be carried on the charge when the USB cables and incidental PS3 host are connected. Also, it can supply the entertainment for seven people together through wireless bluetooth communications.


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