90 degrees is your knife placed on the stone as if you were going to cut through it. Tilt the knife halfway between that and the whetstone and you’ll be at 45 degrees.

Step 4: Sharpen your long-handled garden shears

Read more about Jaw contour here.

I put a high grit stone, “1500 grit” on the guide rod for the side I marked with sharpie. I set the rod angle to a very wide angle setting so the stone just rests against the knife’s bevel tip. This will prevent scratches to the knife’s side as I sharpen the knife. (Applying blue painters tape is also a good way to protect the knife’s sides). In that position the torque on the tip or angle of rotation is greater being out so far.

Nail polish

A rubber handle for added comfort helps remove tough staples without hurting your hands. Try a heavy-duty staple remover; this tool works best for large staples and cartons.

Take the Blade Out Of the Frame

They’re basically a two-sided block of coarse stone and a base/holder. When the sharpener has more than one setting, the coarse setting is the sharpener and the fine one is normally similar to a honing steel. We then sharpen the knife with its dedicated knife sharpener according to the manufacturers’ instructions.

If there are stubborn spots, scrub it with any 320-grit sandpaper. Once done, wipe down the blade with a soft dry cloth and apply lubricant immediately. If you get the sharpening process right, you’ll find your pruning saw working more effectively. You’ll also immediately see that you don’t need to apply as much force with your pruning compared to when the blade was blunt. If you have a pruning saw designed to allow you to take the blade out, carefully separate the blade from the rest of the handle. If you have a pruning saw that doesn’t allow removal of the blade, don’t worry. If you’re new to gardening, one of the tools you’ll need to get acquainted with is the pruning saw.

While it may seem silly, the main industry classification for rotary hammers tends to be by weight and chuck (or “bit holder”) size—5-pound, 10-pound, etc. The heavier the tool is the more it can do because the size of the components that do it get more massive as the tool capacity increases. You’ve probably noticed that you can buy a cordless drill/driver or drill/driver kit where the included drill has a hammer drill function. If you’re going to purchase a cordless drill/driver, it’s advisable to get the hammer drill function. Even if you don’t need it right now, chances are you will. As you’ve seen above, most pruning saw designs have the domestic or home-use variants and their commercial options. In worst-case scenarios, the saw could break during the process.

Here’s how to do a basic contour on the cheeks, nose, eyes, and jaw. For this tutorial, we used powder eye shadows from Inglot. Make Up For Ever’s sculpting kits also get Brande’s thumbs-up; check out this quick guide to contour kits at every price for more ideas, too. Knowing how to contour is an important skill as all makeup applications involve contouring on some level.

Pushing through like a chop saw grinder is not good for diamond parting wheels. For TCT router bits I like a green wheel to snag them back past the wear, and rough snag the end to eyeball done…then use a diamond wheel. “I would be thrilled just to have a nice unit for necking back endmills and cutting off shanks.” I would be thrilled just to have a nice unit for necking back endmills and cutting off shanks. I am most likely going to try this on one of my dull sets. Then try it on some “practice” barrels I bought a while back before trying it on a customer barrel. The concern I would have here though is I made a jig that lets the barrel self align to the reamer.

Once fitted, push the rod forward to file off the metal. With each space, you should repeat the filing process 5-7 times, or until you see a burr of curled metal fillings on the other side of the blade.

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