The club’s design, with whitewashed walls and rustic wooden accents, goes big on coastal charm. As the sun sets, the lively energy continues into the night, with music and dancing accompanied by chef Juan Lopez’s culinary offerings. Serenely situated on a sandy stretch of the Zandvoort coast, Hippie Fish is a reminder of the Netherlands’ potential as a summertime beach destination—despite the occasionally finicky weather. The sleek decor embodies Dutch design and attitude, creating a cozy and laid-back ambiance, while the menu impresses with seasonal dishes ranging from tofu burgers to langoustine bisque, presented by barefoot servers. Along Montenegro’s scenic Budva Riviera lies Dukley Beach & Bar, where crystal clear waters, pristine sandy beaches and ample greenery create a serene escape from the everyday.

Herbalife Triathlon Returns to Venice

French forward and World Cup Golden Boot winner Kylian Mbappé also dropped by the club and brought his boots with him. Local kids got to play alongside one of their heroes, a moment we’re sure they’ll remember for the rest of their lives. Throughout a series of high profile collaborations, the club has raised its international recognition.

Beyond the college level, White said moving to California seems to be the only way to become a pro beach volleyball player. But, on recent trips home, White has noticed more excitement surrounding beach volleyball. TAMPA — When Raelyn White wanted to play competitive beach volleyball in high school, she looked outside the Tampa Bay area. Tourist season stretches from May to October when the weather is most balmy and is perfect for those who are looking to hang out on the beach or try some water activities. “There are amazing sites to free dive or snorkel right from the shore,” Rachel Sawden, a Bermuda native, free diver, and real estate agent, told T+L. Located on the picturesque Playa de Palma in Mallorca, Coco Beach House perfectly encapsulates the Mediterranean spirit.

How to Plan the Perfect Trip to Bermuda

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Today, visitors can climb its 185 steps for unbeatable views of Bermuda’s mind-blowing greens and blues. The five-star Hamilton Princess is a hotel, beach club, and marina all in one. Its pink exterior has been an iconic sight on the island for over a century.

Take in dramatic ocean views and recharge with relaxing tropical vibes. You can even bank unused Points for later years or borrow from future years to take your dream vacation today. “We’ve definitely become a stop for the Tiki tourists and we’re excited that we’re on the map now and we also have our locals that are here all the time,” he added. “It’s been a wild ride since we opened up,” said co-owner Brett Gallo ahead of the weekend party, which will include a musical lineup with several local artists. “I try to ask all my players and coaches, ‘We’re leaving a legacy behind.

The waterfront panorama is breathtaking, the open-air restaurant tantalizes with delectable Scandinavian cuisine, and the vibe is authentically Nordic, offering a refreshing divergence from the Mediterranean standard. This 349-room luxury resort is the perfect place to sit back and relax. The property features five restaurants, six bars, five pools, and direct beach access. However, the massive spa steals the show with its open-air relaxation space that has a steam room, cold shower, sauna, ice plunge, and hot tub. This one-time fee should be the only additional money you pay except for fuel. Most yacht clubs do not cover the cost of the fuel used in the ship during your rental if renting is an option.

Though this beach town is pretty tiny, there are easily at least 6 beach clubs that dot the landscape. Some of these include Edgewater, Chapel Beach Club, Driftwood, and Sands.

Focused on self-care and alternative medicine, Remedy Place spotlights health. There are several areas in New Jersey that are basically known as “beach club territory” by locals – even if there are public beaches available for use. These particular towns often attract upscale resort goers, families who dig the beach club lifestyle, as well as older couples who wanted to retire in luxury. Read more about relaise here. Don’t know where these towns are, or what are the major clubs in the area?. Contradicting expectations, Stockholm, with its distinctive Nordic minimalism, harbors one of Europe’s chicest beach clubs. Ellery, an architectural beauty on Långholmen island, beats to the sound of its own drum.

Savor the club’s delightful fusion of Mediterranean and international cuisine, complemented by breathtaking views of the Adriatic. This yoga studio in the city center offers a wide range of classes and is the most affordable in Tulum, with a donation-based payment system. The studio has a community-centered feel and offers a variety of classes and yoga styles, including vinyasa and even acro-yoga. Discover the best hotels, restaurants, and things to do in Tulum with this travel editor–curated guide. Whether you’re a lifelong soccer fan or someone curious about the beautiful game, VBFC welcomes you to be part of their growing family. They invite anyone to come down to the beach, feel the sand beneath their feet and witness the magic of VBFC firsthand. Homegrown Talent – VBFC doesn’t just attract talented players from around the city; they are passionate about nurturing and developing local talent as well.

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