For instance, imagine a family planning to move across the country due to a job transfer. Instead of packing up and shipping their belongings, they hold an estate sale to liquidate their assets before the move quickly. This allows them to start fresh in their new location without transporting unnecessary items. Keep in mind that what you bought an item for is not what it will sell for. And while there are some things that appreciate in value over time, there are more that don’t. You want to make money, of course, but you also want to sell your items. If they’re priced too high, they won’t sell, and then you are in your original conundrum all over again.

These experts are well-versed in the intricacies of estate sales and can provide invaluable assistance throughout the process. When it comes to organizing an estate sale, preparation and attention to detail are crucial.

Start an estate sale company by following these 10 steps: has matched over 21,000 people with estate sale companies since 2010. Let us find you the best company based on your needs using our free estate sale company locator service. Another common way for estate sales to operate is under the number system, like at the DMV or deli. When arriving to the estate sale, shoppers take numbers to reserve their order of entry.

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If there’s an item you just can’t imagine your life without, you should buy it right then and there, according to the experts. Just because an estate sale isn’t being held at a sumptuous home in Beverly Hills or Bel-Air, that doesn’t mean that you won’t find any gems. Dan Jordan, owner of Again L.A. Estate Sales, mentions an estate sale years ago run by a family in South Los Angeles.

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Once things are in categories, create a master list of everything you want to sell, including its age, function, and history. Next, research prices using catalogs, online resale sites, or antique shops, and price each item on your sheet. Then, pick a date for the sale and recruit some friends to be on hand to help you. Finally, set out the items according to category on folding tables, so that buyers can find what they want more easily.

Today on the show, we’ll explain how real estate brokers and the National Association of Realtors allegedly conspired to inflate home prices by pushing agents to share fees. The listings are typically submitted by estate sale liquidators or private individuals, according to a representative from the site.

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Holding an estate sale requires an investment of time and effort, but the results can greatly add to your financial security. She recommends paying attention to the structure of furniture, as old pieces can easily be rejuvenated with a good clean, a coat of paint, or new upholstery. “I love physical estate sales because you can snag everything from hardware furniture to useful things like cleaning supplies or a Dyson vacuum at a drastically reduced cost,” Cook says. After a few sales, you’ll likely be able to tell which sales are best suited for your shopping style.

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