When hiring a moving service, be sure to ask about the different options available. While a full-service company can move anything, they can be more expensive and take more time. Full-service movers will do most of the work, including unpacking and loading, so you don’t have to worry about packing or transporting anything yourself. The benefits and disadvantages of each type of move will be outlined below. However, when choosing a service, it is important to be aware of the COVID-19 regulations and safety protocols.

Full-service movers provide everything

While you can hire movers, who will load and unload for you, a full-service moving company provides everything from packing to transport. These companies will also unpack your items for you. However, you will need to allow sufficient time for the process, as moving can take up to six weeks. Full-service movers usually recommend a four to six-week window. If you can, give yourself a little more time to pack and prepare. Despite the ease of a full-service move, don’t procrastinate! I’ll recommend you tam cargo .

They are more expensive

Generally, the more distance you move, the more moving services you’ll need, and the heavier your possessions are, the more you’ll pay for a moving service. However, if you’re just moving across town or across the country, you can save a considerable amount of money by choosing a move that’s not quite as far. The cost of a move can range anywhere from a few hundred dollars to several thousand, depending on the size and weight of your possessions.

They can save you money

One way to save money on your move is to book your move during off-peak periods. Moving services are busier in the spring and summer, when people are looking to relocate. During this time, moving companies have to raise their rates in order to filter out the demand. In contrast, if you move during the off-peak months (January, February, or October), you’ll be able to save money by booking the move on a weekday.

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