It’s 2023, and at Securis, we’re looking forward to serving you with the best data destruction and end-of-life… Laws regarding data destruction in the healthcare industry are very strict and… Not because of wear, but because of SSD’s “wear leveling”.

You would do well to find a site the specializes on iPads to get your best answer. That means to log out from her Apple account, and also from any apps she has installed. Then create your own Apple account and log in as you. You can try a repair reinstall, but a true deep clean means a real reinstall which would wipe everything and you’d need to reinstall all your programs. Normally, at any time, you can restore Windows from a “recovery partition”. I use a run-from-cd version of linux to erase the data.

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Read more about Nsa degausser here.

All that being said, performing a single pass zero wipe is probably sufficient for your purposes. Modern research indicates that modern hard drives are largely immune to the “magnetic memory” problem we used to see on magnetic tape. I would never bother doing anything more on a household drive unless the drive itself was exhibiting failures. Before you decide on a destruction method, make sure to identify what kind of data is stored on each device and treat it appropriately. There may be regulatory or legal requirements for information disposal depending on what data is stored on the disk. While NIST does not define which sanitization methods to use for data types, in section 5 of NIST SP they do define 3 methods, clear, purge, and destroy. Darik’s Boot And Nuke creates a bootable CD/floppy.

Try using WipeDrive – software which erases all data on your storage devices. If you want to erase your hard disk, simply throw it into an incinerator. That way, theres no freakin way thanyone will ever get to your stuff. It’s a common recommendation to use a big heavy magnet to erase a hard disk. Windows , and even MS-DOS before it, has the option to perform what’s called a “quick format.” In reality, a quick format does very little except create an empty top-level directory and possibly add a label.

How Should I Erase My HDD Before Giving It Away?

Today’s hard drives in your servers, computers, laptops, and tablets, plus many backup tapes, are rendered unusable by the degaussing process. The shift in the magnetic domain is permanent and does irreparable damage, which is perfect if you’re looking to delete information for good. Hard drive degaussingis a highly advanced technology used to sanitize hard drives before disposal or reuse.

NSA-Listed Degausser

Even if your computer can no longer read the disk after you’ve waved a “degaussing coil” over it, that does not prove that you’ve achieved anything near a “must be reduced to ash” level of erasure. So you can take your pick of degaussing the disk, shredding it in a paper shredder, disintegrating it , or burning it. If you’re really interested in what devices the NSA approves, they are listed here. The SATA standard is supposed to have an internal command to wipe the drive. Theoretically if you send the drive erase command to the SATA chipset, it will remain until the drive manages a wipe.

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