However, in the 1800s, British innovator George Pocock revolutionized the use of the kite to move vehicles on land and sea. Pocock increased the size of the kite, using it as a sail to guide carts on land and ships on water. He introduced the four-line setup that’s still used today. This allowed boats and carts to turn and sail upwind.

The most important thing for this step is to be aware of bar tension. If there is too much bar tension, the rider will skip downwind. If there is too little bar tension, the rider will sink. Start somewhat slow and work up towards more kite speed.

Inflating the kite

Choose a Kite weather profile by the icon right of the weather models with a preset of 10+ weather parameters you need to know for kitesurfing. Remember to check your tides and know how the locations you kite at are affected by tides. Always ask the local kiters or school if you are unfamiliar with a kite spot. The beauty of kiteboarding is that it is incredibly fun and exciting, so you don’t typically realize that it is also a work out. The motion of “sending the kite” engages the arms followed by and “edge and pop” of the board which utilizes the legs. The core is then engaged to bring the body back into the position needed to land the jump.

We previously covered more or less what are the steps, techniques and skills needed to learn kiteboarding. Here, let’s paint with a broad brush the general rundown of a typical lesson. It’s one thing to take a lesson with a kitesurf instructor, it’s another thing to take a lesson with a qualified kitesurf instructor. Your partner should turn the kite over and stand with the kite ready in the edge of the wind window to catch the wind. When you are ready, give your friend a signal to launch the kite.

Flying The Kite Is A Bit Like Driving A Barge

This applies to the second part of your learning process – initially, you’ll be acquiring piloting skills on the beach. Waves, chop, and current will all get in the way of your learning. I know what I’m talking about, rough water conditions have made it quite difficult for me to get through the water start step. While we’re not recommending spending a weekend on a canal to prepare to learn kitesurfing, we found the trick to steering a longboat carried over to the kite. Both are very easy to oversteer and if either stray off-course, it’s almost always too late to correct deftly. Anticipating where the kite’s going and making small corrections in plenty of time keeps things steady and under control. In the six weeks before the trip, as well as my usual cycling to work, I opted for one strength class a week throughClasspassand I think it was time well spent.

Not only will you be safer overall, but lots of the techniques are counter-intuitive and you need someone with the proper skills and kitesurfing undervisning knowledge to instruct you. If desired and if the area is clear, you can ride a skateboard while you practice flying your kite.

It is good to have a basic idea about how to read the sky by its appearance, temperature, and humidity to forecast the weather, even without any technology or weather maps, or internet. The sun is the wind engine and can generate it at a planetary scale or locally due to specific geographical configurations. We often talk about ‘thermal’ winds in this second case.

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