There are hundreds of apps and many built-in features of these devices that can help support individuals with autism at all levels and abilities. One app for example could be geared toward a nonverbal child or adult, while another can help with social cues for an individual with strong verbal communication skills. Autism Speaks has combined organizations that funded peer-reviewed research into genetic causes, promoted alternative theories and therapies, and advocated for people with autism. In 2005, Autism Speaks merged with the Autism Coalition for Research and Education. In early 2006, a year after its founding, Autism Speaks merged with the National Alliance for Autism Research . NAAR, founded in 1994, was the first U.S. nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting research into causes, treatment, and cures for autism spectrum disorders. The founders comprised a small group of parents, including two psychiatrists, a lawyer and a chemistry professor.

What support is available for autistic people?

Many large corporations have started to see the value of hiring employees on the autism spectrum. Most adult programs and services are paid for and managed by the state. The IDEA law is federally mandated, but adult services to disabled people are not. Schools were set up to provide severely disabled students with life-skills training and help them with basic work skills. It was anticipated that these students would wind up employed in part-time jobs that required few skills—if they were lucky. The moment a disabled person turns 22, they’re no longer covered under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act .

Parents’ Evaluation of Developmental Status is a 10-question form for parents to answer. But despite this, many people with the condition thrive in their careers. One of the best-known ASD success stories is that of Temple Grandin, PhD, who carved out a unique career path designing systems for managing livestock. But if they lack conversation skills during an interview, the job hirer might form a bias against them. While interviewers might not even realize they’ve done this, it can greatly affect a person with ASD’s ability to get a job. Autism-related condition also have the lowest overall rate of enrollment in college.

Workplace accommodations and at-home assistance can go a long way toward helping people with autism succeed. However, with an increasing number of employers becoming open to hiring disabled employees, autistic adults are starting to have more options.

Q: How Can I Get Evaluated for Autism as an Adult?

Given that girls and women experience the drive to be more sociable than men and boys with autism, it makes sense that they also tend to use more, and different, camouflaging tactics than men. And if you’re the parent, partner, co-worker, or someone else who has a relationship with an autistic person, trust them on this one. If they say a sound, or light, or fabric, or a mismatched piece of furniture is causing them pain, it really is—in a very intense way. Sensory issues often continue into adulthood, and may interfere with work or interpersonal relationships.

Carrington et al.3 found that youth with Asperger’s syndrome did not see themselves as having problems with social skills, but their parents did. For example, Locke et al.12 conducted a social network analysis of an inclusive class and found that six out of seven youth on the autism spectrum identified “best” friendships with other youth on the autism spectrum. Although results showed that they had poorer social networks than their classmates, these youth formed clusters with each other and enjoyed some of the same protective factors as their better-connected typical peers. Although the focus of the study was about outcomes more broadly, the data we present in this article relate specifically to friendship. This topic came up throughout the interviews with young adults and warranted a closer look. To analyze data on this topic, we further analyzed data that we coded as “friendship” and “social relationships” to identify the themes and strategies presented here. Although we discuss only results from interviews with young adults here, we cross checked the data with parent interviews.

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Helping Children with Autism

It then merged with the National Alliance for Autism Research in 2006 and Cure Autism Now in 2007. If your child has not started to walk or crawl by 12 months, this is a very serious developmental disability. An autistic child might not respond to their own name or avoid play with others. Other participants told similar stories but some had found friends who accepted their social differences and/or who shared interests. Over time, however, he developed the strategy of observing others’ behaviors in a social situation before engaging in the conversation.

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