A good sketch is better than a long speech, let’s see together how to build a solid and inexpensive niche. Like many animal lovers, you want to acquire a kennel for your dog or you want to build it yourself, let’s see together how to proceed using our dog kennel plan guide.

As you may have noticed, dog kennels sold on the market are often overpriced and their manufacturing quality is often questionable. I think in this case, and you certainly agree, that the self-build solution is by far a better option. It is thus possible to build a very solid doghouse at a lower cost, or even practically free, if you use recycled materials, pallets, decommissioned paneling, etc.

Of course the design of a doghouse requires some knowledge, wooden construction cannot be improvised, it is a fact, but our dog crate furniture plan guides are precisely there to save you this tedious step of drawing and design. A correct and precise drawing will bring you the following advantages:

No loss of materials, everything is rationalized as accurately as possible to reduce construction costs as much as possible. The sizing of the niche will be perfect, nothing more infuriating than having to dismantle a construction with unsuitable dimensions. Thanks to the plans on our site, DIY beginners will be able to build much more complex structures than before, without tedious training or theoretical lessons, just by following the construction method detailed in our construction guides. Difficult to think of everything when you start a blind construction, during the development of our plans, our designer took into account all the constraints and essential technical details that make a comfortable and well-insulated niche. Concretely how to save money by building a dog house yourself.

Step 1-First, you download the niche plan that suits you the most and receive it immediately by e-mail.

Step 2-Then, you easily buy the necessary materials thanks to the list of materials provided with our “dog house plan” pack

Step 3-Finally, by following the construction steps detailed in our plans, you will have a truly original and robust doghouse. Of course, all the construction plans offered on the dog kennel plan page are made by professional designers, so you will avoid many problems. Finally, any wooden construction, whether large or small, requires a precise manufacturing plan. This plan makes it possible to plan in advance the cutting of wood sections and to size the work as accurately as possible in order to avoid the loss of materials. Our plans offered on the indoor dog house plan page do much more than that, they allow the average person who is completely new to DIY to be able to build a dog kennel and much more. Indeed, once your dog’s kennel has been built, you will have acquired a valuable construction principle that will allow you later to start building other wooden constructions with confidence: chicken coop, children’s hut, garden shed, etc. niche plan with terrace

The large chalet niche If you have a good-sized dog and commercial kennels seem too narrow or too expensive, then this large chalet kennel is made for you! This niche has a floor area of ​​2mx1.50m, the living area is 1,550mx1m. Its strong points: this kennel has a terrace equipped with an awning. Your dog will be able to stay outside on rainy days but also in the shade during hot weather. Another appreciable point, the wide rear door allowing easy cleaning, this mountain design kennel is really practical to use. The model presented here is made of fir cladding. will have a comfortable dwelling worthy of the name. The dog kennel plan shown here includes: -The list of materials – the cutting plans for each part.

-The construction plans of each panel, of the floor, of the roof. -3D assembly plans allowing beginners to easily understand the construction method. As the price of wood is relatively high at the moment (May 2022) we advise you to use lath for the cladding, it is just as pretty and solid as a grooved cladding with tongue but half the price! You can also do something for the planet and recover wood from abandoned pallets. Your cladding will be just as beautiful and you will have a very large, very solid niche, for really cheap!




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