Painting pictures and masks is a very common and fun activity for most of the children. Children love to get their faces painted like that of a ghost, fairy, prince, princess, pirate or vampire etc. on different occasions. Face painting is a common activity for festivals, school fairs, children functions, Halloweens, Christmas, and birthday parties. Not only children but also adults and elders get their face painted for different events.

Face colours are special paints that are designed party for the human skin. They do not contain any elements that would cause allergic reaction to the skin. They come in a wide range; so, there is a great variety to choose from. They have a wide range as regards to the palettes. They also come in glitter and shimmer, and some glow in the dark.

One can hire a professional face painter or artist for a birthday party, and with some easily available kits in the market, one can also do it oneself.

The paints and brushes for face painting are made by using high quality products and materials. These paints are made keeping in focus the soft and sensitive skin of children. These paints are water-based and can be easily taken off; wipes, tissues and cloth pieces are included in all the birthday party face-painting sets for this purpose.

Face painting sets include creams that can moisturise and provide a base for applying the paints. Mirror, sample pictures and designs that go with the theme are included in the birthday party face painting sets. The usual face painting spots for birthday parties include simple and basic designs like flowers, butterflies and spiders, from which the children can easily choose.

If one buys a themed face-painting-set for the birthday party, there are specific shades of colours and designs according to that theme. Also, the brushes and paint materials in the set depend on the birthday party theme. Some face-painting sets for fairy or princess birthday party include stickers and glitters.

A complete face-painting-set would include at least five colours, out of which black and white are always there, and the others depend upon the chosen theme. There is a crème, glitter and glue, paint brushes, wipes, sponges, stickers and designs. The different birthday party face-painting sets are easily available for Wicked Witch, Pirate Face, Pretty Princess, Little Devil, Lion Face, Ghastly Ghost, Skull Face and many more.

Before getting a face painting set for the birthday party, one should decide the theme. The right theme will help decide the colours and shades for face painting. Also, one has to decide the number of faces and designs to be painted as each face-painting-set can be used for ten children. With each set, a person should get many brushes, in order to avoid any kind of skin irritation or infection.


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