The Elto outboard motor is a phenomenal discovery of Ole Evinrude. The history of this boat motor is as fascinating as its wonderful specifications. The motor is a 2 stroke 50lbs outboard which took the market with a storm and even went to the extent of used outboard motors for sale breaking all records of Evinrude’ s previous company. With this motor, the company once again bounced back in the realm of outboard business in 1922.

The silvery Elto marked the beginning of a second innings of Evinrude’s business career. Commonly known as the Ruddertwin, the boat motor is an acronym of the company’s Light Twin outboard. This model is a stationary motor which is turned on by a rudder like inboard vessel. The motor gets cooled by water which forces itself through the rudder and reaches the power head where it starts cooling the motor.

The ignition process of the Elto Outboard Motor is done by a battery and an At- water Kent timer beneath the flywheel. The fuel supply of the motor comes from a poppet styled integration valve which is quite dissimilar to that of a carburetor.

The operation of an Elto Outboard Motor is very handy. The motor gets started by opening the fuel valve and putting the timer to a stop. The poppets are hold up while the flywheel rocks for a few times. The timer is then set on Start and the flywheel is rocked in the opposite direction. And finally then the motor gets started. The best part is that once it starts then it begins to run clockwise.

Easy to start and high reliability quotient makes this outboard motor a favorite with the customers. The outboard motor also has a reverse. When the motor is active just set the timer to reverse and press the stop key. As the motor comes to a halt, the stop button is released.

The motor has unconventional design but is popular for its lucid functional properties. The motor is very powerful but without any noise. And the icing is the reverse aspect. Reverse can lead you up to awesome landings.  The outboard motor was known as the Elto super G ruddertwin since its inception in the year 1926.

The Elto got several acclamations across the world because of its diverse merits. The portability factor plays an important role in its popularity. Moreover its easy to start , run and use on the boat. The power range of this lightweight outboard motor is impressive. Fuel economy is another vital factor of its huge trade. It is by far the best outboard motors of the era.


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