Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness review

There are lots of free movies to watch online, one of the strangest films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness begins with a pony-tailed Benedict Cumberbatch escaping from a fire demon and ends with a third eye emerging on the forehead of the title character. If you are interested, you could click here.

Beginning with Stephen Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch), the top neurosurgeon turned Master of the Mystic Arts in New York, attending Christine Palmer’s (Rachel McAdamswedding, )’s he realizes that if he hadn’t been so conceited, she may have wed him instead. A huge one-eyed octopus monster is following a girl named America Chavez (Xochitl Gomez) through the streets of Manhattan when suddenly he has more essential business to attend to.
After one outrageous combat scene in which tentacles are chopped off, America informs Strange and his colleague sorcerer Wong (Benedict Wong) that she originates from a different universe. She can actually travel between several realities, which is why the creature was pursuing her. To govern not just one reality but all realities, its evil ruler seeks to seize America’s might. The only way to defeat this demon is to track down the most super-dooper spellbook ever created, so Strange enlists Wanda Maximoff (Elizabeth Olsen) of the Avengers, the only other magic-user who might be able to assist him. The typical kind of mission starts.
Sam Raimi’s MCU directing debut is a mashup of multiverse chaos, trademark Marvel style, and mind-blowing special effects. It’s humorous, occasionally ludicrous, and occasionally downright horrifying. However, the movie’s core is fundamentally human as it considers what makes individuals truly happy and whether they can recover what they lost.
It still qualifies as a Marvel blockbuster, meets all the criteria, and assumes that its audience is familiar with all the Marvel blockbusters that came before it. But it’s also as joyfully absurd as any indie cult film, and Raimi would never have been able to create anything like it without Marvel’s funding and support. Some people will write the movie off as foolishness, and they might be right. The Multiverse of Madness by Doctor Strange, though, is a ton of fun.
And its popularity isn’t only based on the director’s contagious love of genre thrills. The sarcastic Strange and the melancholy Wanda may be found beneath the enormous walking statues and the alien squids, peering into other realms where they are happy and pondering whether they would ever experience such bliss in their own reality. You care about the characters in the background of all those computerized effects because Cumberbatch and Olsen portray the quieter passages with such heartbreaking acting. Raimi and his group have concocted their own kind of wizardry.
This movie was a wonderful action movie in every way. In the Disney+ television series WandaVision, the legendary Spider-man filmmaker Sam Raimi wonderfully captures what happens to Doctor Strange after No Way Home as well as Scarlet Witch. You will become lost in the expressiveness of the multiverse that this movie presents. The MCU audience is still captivated by Elizabeth Olsen and Benedict Cumberbatch. They both provide outstanding performances in this movie.
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