Tracking any type of marketing campaign is useless if we can’t run reviews in opposition to what is we’re spending. Many of the downfalls of the diverse CPV trackers on the market is they make it completely too difficult to run reviews towards cost facts. Whether it is uploading, parsing or simply normally handling the information, most trackers virtually fail in relation to reporting on money spent. CPV Lab is well beforehand of the heard with regards to maximum matters and it’s simple value reporting management is not any exception.

Before we can examine statistics we first need to ensure we get it into the platform it really is permitting us to do the evaluation. Lab makes it just as simple to create campaigns because it does to reveal their performance. There are various of things to keep in mind when tracking a CPV campaign, but the huge ones are conversions and value. CPVL makes it clean to song conversions with using a worldwide pixel and dealing with our costs is simply as easy.

Lab isn’t always presently synced with any of the CPV  networks price statistics so we must run fee reports manually, but it is sincerely easy to do. When we want  to reconcile conversion statistics with cost information in Lab, we are going to upload a simple file from the CPV community. In this example we will use TrafficVance, but the process is the same for pretty much all the networks.

Log in to your TrafficVance account and visit Reports->Daily Target Statistic. Select the type of report you want to run, choose the campaign call, creatives and facts variety. Click ‘Get CSV Export’ and down load the record. Next log in for your CPVL instance and click on at the ‘Upload Reports’ menu item then choose the marketing campaign and interval that correspond on your downloaded file. Next check the radio button to take your spending information from the uploaded report document, browse in your document and pick out the TrafficVance template. Finally, take your changing SUBID’s from both the modern-day stats on the web site or you may as a substitute paste them in manually.

Once you click on ‘Save’ your document could be uploaded and you could evaluation all of your cost data reports. It’s that easy. Don’t be concerned with damaged downloads or creating a mistake in this procedure. Everything may be reset and reviews may be deleted and uploaded again. Remember, in case you’re now not keeping track of what you’re spending you are most possibly leaving cash at the desk or within the worst case, losing money. CPV Lab makes monitoring value information a breeze so take gain of this powerful function.

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