Gold has been valued as a noble and valuable element for thousands and years. It has been consumed by royalty and alchemists for its spiritual and healing qualities. Moses was the first to write about gold drinking in Biblical times (Exodus 22:20). It is one among the few metals which does not oxidize, rust or become brittle over time.

colloidal gold works in a similar way to colloidal silver. Colloidal Silver kills viruses, fungi, mold, and bacteria. However, colloidal Gold is known to be able to eliminate metaphysical parasites. It aids in building our “stress defense armor” or what many may refer to as a protective aura around our bodies.

The effects of gold on your mood, well-being and motivation have been investigated. Consuming it can increase our serotonin level, which can in turn make us feel happier, more awake, have vivid dreams and better recall our dreams.

Gold enhances clarity, concentration, focus and coordination. It is a highlyconductive mineral. Even more so than copper, which is what is used for most of the electrical wiring. The result is that colloidal silver increases our brain’s conductive power. It increases communication between the synapses of your dendrites. This will make you more creative, more problem-solving skills, faster physical reaction time, more “aha” moments, and increase your ability to solve problems. Even if you only take supplementing gold 3 months, one study showed an average 20 percent increase in your I.Q.

Finally, it is said that gold is an excellent nutrient for revitalizing and revitalizing depleted body systems. It is said to increase nutrients absorption, reduce obesity, and relieve pain. To alleviate pain, ancient physicians placed gold coins underneath the skin of arthritic patients to reduce their discomfort. Today, this surgery is unnecessary to enjoy the gold’s benefits. It is possible to just drink it. You can just drink it!

Choose the finest quality colloidal gold. Your colloidal gild should be a light reddish-pink color. This color is not found in large quantities of gold.

Scientific Benefits of Colloidal Gold

The use of colloidal gold for diagnosing and detecting certain conditions has been a long-standing practice. Many of these conditions can easily be identified because they cause certain hormones to activate in human cells. Scientists will need to use antibodies that bind with their target proteins in order to identify these molecules. These antibodies come with a reporter tag attached so that the attached label is accompanied along when the antibody binds the target. Scientists are able to visualize the label and pinpoint the target hormone/protein.

Many diagnostic tests use gold-colloid labels. Pregnancy test are one such example. These tests are used by millions all over the world. The test’s gold is very microscopic and can be seen at a distance of between 1-30 nm. These nanoparticles are then bound electrostatically by the antibody. These antibodies can be seen with electron microscopy. They are more electron-dense that tissue or cells.

By reducing down a simple solution of gold salt, such as potassium trichloroaurate, colloidal golden can often be made. These small particles of gold have a negligible charge. It is thought that this negative charge is due to dichlorogold adhering to the outer layer. Tinnic acid, which is an additive in the solution that can control their size, is one example. As proteins (e.g. As proteins (e.g. It is possible to make immunogold probes by binding antibodies to the colloidal silver surface. These gold proteins will then be able to bind specific targets, such the surface protein of a cancer cell, which allows them label the antigen.

The sensitive reagent of colloidal gold can also be used in the production many everyday products and dietary supplements. In today’s modern world, gold’s uniqueness is what makes it so important. The size of the gold nuclei can be altered to achieve different characteristics. Its molecular recognition abilities make colloidal golden a good choice for blood tests, pregnancy tests and other diagnostic purposes.

The UK has a handful of high quality manufacturers who produce colloidal silver.



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