Best Digital Door Locks Singapore: 17 Options For A Secure Home


Smart locks are transforming home security, providing convenience and peace of mind to homeowners. In Singapore, the demand for smart locks is on the rise as more singapore digital locks people seek advanced security solutions for their homes. This article explores the essential features to consider when choosing the right smart lock for your home in Singapore.

What is a Smart Lock?

A smart lock is an electronic locking device that allows you to control your door’s access without using traditional keys. These locks use various authentication methods, such as PIN codes, biometric scans, and smartphone connectivity. Smart locks offer numerous benefits, including enhanced security, convenience, and integration with other smart home devices.

Types of Smart Locks

Keypad Locks

Keypad locks require a numeric code to unlock the door. They are easy to use and provide a secure alternative to traditional keys.

Fingerprint Locks

Fingerprint locks use biometric authentication to grant access. They offer high security and are convenient for users who prefer not to remember PIN codes.

Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Enabled Locks

These locks connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, allowing you to lock and unlock your door remotely. They often come with additional features like temporary access codes for guests.

Hybrid Smart Locks

Hybrid smart locks combine multiple authentication methods, such as PIN codes, biometrics, and smartphone connectivity, offering versatile and flexible security solutions.

Key Features to Consider

Security Features

When choosing a smart lock, prioritize security features. Look for locks with biometric authentication, anti-tamper alarms, secure encryption, and auto-locking mechanisms to ensure your home is well-protected.

Connectivity Options

Consider the connectivity options available with the smart lock. Bluetooth-enabled locks are great for local control, while Wi-Fi-enabled locks offer remote access. Integration with smart home systems, such as Amazon Alexa or Google Home, adds another layer of convenience.

Battery Life

Battery life is a crucial factor to consider. Look for smart locks with long battery life and features like low battery alerts and backup power options to avoid getting locked out unexpectedly.

Compatibility with Existing Door Hardware

Ensure that the smart lock you choose is compatible with your existing door hardware. Some locks are designed to retrofit onto your current lock system, while others require a full replacement. Decide whether you prefer professional installation or a DIY approach.

Security Features

Biometric Authentication

Biometric authentication, such as fingerprint recognition, provides a high level of security and convenience. It ensures that only authorized individuals can access your home.

Anti-Tamper Alarms

Anti-tamper alarms alert you if someone attempts to tamper with the lock, enhancing the security of your home.

Secure Encryption

Ensure the smart lock uses secure encryption protocols to protect against hacking and unauthorized access.

Auto-Locking Mechanisms

Auto-locking mechanisms automatically lock the door after a set period, ensuring your home remains secure even if you forget to lock it manually.

Connectivity Options

Bluetooth vs. Wi-Fi

Bluetooth-enabled locks are ideal for local control, while Wi-Fi-enabled locks allow remote access and control from anywhere. Consider your needs and preferences when choosing between these options.

Integration with Smart Home Systems

Smart locks that integrate with smart home systems like Amazon Alexa, Google Home, or Apple HomeKit offer enhanced convenience and automation capabilities.

Remote Access Capabilities

Remote access allows you to control your lock from anywhere using a smartphone app. This feature is particularly useful for granting temporary access to guests or service providers.

Battery Life and Power Management

Battery Lifespan

Look for smart locks with long battery life to minimize the need for frequent replacements.

Low Battery Alerts

Smart locks with low battery alerts notify you when it’s time to replace the batteries, preventing unexpected lockouts.

Backup Power Options

Some smart locks come with backup power options, such as external battery packs or key overrides, to ensure you can access your home even if the primary power source fails.

Compatibility with Existing Door Hardware

Retrofit Options

Retrofit smart locks are designed to fit onto your existing door hardware, making installation easier and less invasive.

Full Replacement Options

Full replacement smart locks require you to replace your current lock system entirely. These locks often offer more advanced features and better security but may require professional installation.

Professional Installation vs. DIY

Decide whether you prefer to install the smart lock yourself or hire a professional. Professional installation ensures proper setup and functionality, while DIY installation can save costs.

Popular Smart Lock Brands in Singapore


Yale is known for its reliable and secure smart locks. Popular models include the Yale YDM4109 and Yale YDR343.


Samsung offers sleek and advanced smart locks, such as the Samsung SHS-2920 and Samsung SHP-DP609.


Philips smart locks, like the Philips EasyKey 7300, are renowned for their comprehensive security features and elegant design.


Igloohome, a Singaporean brand, stands out with its unique combination of PIN code and Bluetooth key access. Top models include the Igloohome Smart Deadbolt 2S and Igloohome Keybox 3.

Yale Smart Locks

Key Features and Models

Yale smart locks offer multiple access methods, robust build quality, and advanced security features. Models like the Yale YDM4109 and YDR343 are popular choices.

User Reviews

Users praise Yale locks for their reliability and ease of use, though some find them relatively expensive.

Samsung Smart Locks

Key Features and Models

Samsung smart locks are known for their sleek design, fingerprint recognition, and RFID card entry. Popular models include the Samsung SHS-2920 and SHP-DP609.

User Reviews

Users appreciate the aesthetic appeal and advanced features, though some mention that setup can be complex.

Philips Smart Locks

Key Features and Models

Philips smart locks offer comprehensive security features and a sleek design. The Philips EasyKey 7300 is a standout model.

User Reviews

Users highlight the reliability and attractive design of Philips locks, but customer support could be improved.

Igloohome Smart Locks

Key Features and Models

Igloohome locks feature offline access capabilities with PIN code and Bluetooth access. Models like the Smart Deadbolt 2S and Keybox 3 are top choices.

User Reviews

Users value the innovative design and flexibility, though some have concerns about battery life and Bluetooth range.

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