There are several individuals in the whole world who love music and join it as a career. Music is one of the important things in our lives today. In today’s modern world, we can’t even imagine the most important events of our lives without music. There is not any party, any sports activity or any drama or movie without music. There are individuals in the world who use their talent for singing to entertain people and make their lives joyful. There are numerous singers from all over the world who are loved and liked by soo many people in the world. Through their hard work and talent, they are able to gain the love of the people.

Cashis is an American rapper who was born and brought up in Chicago but currently resides in Irvine, California. Cashis began rapping when he was 12 years old, freestyling with his cousin. He entered the studios for the very first time at the age of 14 and performed his first song professionally. Around the age of 17, he became serious about rapping and began competing in rap battles in Los Angeles under the moniker “Lil Ramone.”  You can get more information about cashis albums on cashis Wikipedia.

Early Career of Signing with Shady Records

Cashis and his band “The Renegades” sent a mixtape to Eminem’s Shady Records company in the hopes of landing a record deal. Dart Parker was especially impressed with Cashis’ talent on the tape, and the young rapper was signed as a solo artist in 2004. 

The County Hound EP and The Re-Up (2006-2007)

Eminem’s mixtape became the album Eminem Shows the Re-Up, which included Cashis for the first time in popular rap. His first solo album, the charting County Hound EP, was released on May 22, 2007, despite the fact that he was featured on many of the tracks.

Mixtapes (2008-2011)

Cashis began to work on his debut solo album after the release of The County Hound EP in 2007. However, this album would not be released until 2012. Cashis was fighting an addiction to Prescription Painkillers. His addiction started to have a negative impact on his music, and he recognized he needed to quit. Cashis remained quiet around his family members and friends throughout this time. During his “Hiatus,” he did release a number of mixtapes, notably the popular “Homeland Security” mixtape with Younger Dee (now known as Demrick).

2nd Edition of The County Hound (2013)

“The County Hound 2,” his second album, was published in 2013. It included songs by Kuniva, Obie Trice, and Dirty Mouth, such as “Mind on Money.” Eminem’s production was included in “Layin’ In The Cut.” Sullee J and Crooked I of Meat factory collaborate on “Imma Hustle.” Along with a slew of additional tunes. Eminem and Rikinatti provided the majority of the album’s production.

3rd Edition of The County Hound (2015)

Cashis released the lead track from his upcoming album “The County Hound 3” in December 2014. Emilio Rojas was featured on the first single, “A-Rod.” The second song, “Work,” was released in January and featured Young Buck, Project Pat, and Sullee J. In February, the third single will be released

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