BD-Micro Syringes & Needles are an easy way to store and administer insulin. They are made of stainless steel and are perfect for doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals. There are several types of needles to choose from, including pen needles and fixed needle syringes.

Pen Needles

BD-Micro syringes are one of the most common brands of insulin pens available. They are designed to be comfortable and easy to use. They also help you get a precise dose of insulin.

These needles are manufactured by Becton Dickison and Company, the world leader in insulin syringe production. They are made of high-grade surgical steel, which is durable and reliable. They are also compatible with all insulin pens.

The needles are available in three gauges. The shorter gauges are thinner and allow more insulin flow. However, if you have difficulty with coordination or strength, you may want to use a longer needle. These are available in 4 mm, 5 mm, and 8 mm lengths.

The shorter gauges are also less likely to cause leakage. This means that you are less likely to have an unintended injection into your muscle. However, you may still experience bruising and bleeding.

The longer gauges are also thinner. This means that the needle is easier to glide into the surface of your skin.

The needle is also lubricated, which helps reduce friction and keeps the needle from pulling the skin. The needle also includes a safety push-tab on the tip. It also features an audible click, which can help you know when to stop injecting.

Fixed Needle Insulin Syringe

BD Micro-Fine Insulin Syringes are equipped with a Micro-fine needle of 0.30 x 8 mm (30G). These syringes are made of the highest quality surgical stainless steel and have a clear black print to make it easy to read. These syringes are easy to use and are safe to use in patients with diabetes.

Becton Dickenson is the largest manufacturer of insulin and syringes. Their microfine insulin syringes have a sharp edge and are accurate. They are also easy to use and require less force to inject. These syringes have a secure back stop. BD Micro-Fine Insulin Syringes can be purchased in three different sizes: 1 mL, 0.3 mL, and 0.5 mL.

BD Micro-Fine Insulin Syringes have a rubber plunger which helps reduce the force needed to inject insulin. The syringes are manufactured with special stainless steel and are coated with micro lubrication. This helps increase injection quality. These syringes are marked with scale numbers.

Terumo Medical, located in New Jersey, tested 1 mL U-100 insulin syringes with fixed needles. These syringes were also tested for their ability to transmit the HCV virus.

The results showed that these syringes had the lowest infectivity.

The HCV recovery in the syringes was determined after three days of contamination. The recovery of HCV infectivity was compared to standard HDS syringe-needle combinations. The results showed that the HDS combinations were more effective at decreasing exposure and transmission. However, there was a 6-fold difference in virus recovery between the two groups.

Microlance(tm) 3 Needles

BD Microlance Stainless Steel Needles are not your grandpa’s single use needles. While they are no less functional than their disposable brethren, they offer a softer injection experience and a lower risk of punching. They are also available in a variety of colors and gauges. Their nifty little trinkets include a slick and stylish slip angle for ease of use.

They are also accompanied by a line of syringes, including the NanoFil(tm) and the ultra micro pump aptly named UMP3 UltraMicroPump. Lastly, the Microlance(tm) syringes are available in regular and thin wall versions. They can be paired with both a slip and lock adapter. Their slick and tidy packaging helps to minimize waste and maximize productivity. The best part? BD Microlance syringes are not only latex free, but they are also individually wrapped. This, paired with a high quality needle, ensures a more pain-free experience for the patient. BD Microlance syringes also boast the highest level of customer service in the industry.

BD Microlance syringes come in a variety of gauges, colors, and sizes. You can even select a syringe kit with a combination of both. Their syringes come in packs of ten, ensuring that there is always a supply on hand.

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