2 Factor Authentication Solutions – The Advantage

The 2-factor authentication process, also known 2FA, allows users to be identified in the most straightforward way. There are two components to this authentication system that the user should know about. The first is whether the user possesses them or they are inherent to their identity. Multiple factors can be used in the authentication system. The biometric data of the user is a recent addition to the existing 2-way authentication system. Two Factor Authentication provides the most secure and protected way to use Enterprise Security Solution SMS OTP.

The system’s effectiveness

The billions of online users can gain access to company data, so passwords won’t be enough. The ideal system provides many benefits including:

* The software is either managed or present at the company’s premises.

* To authenticate, you will need a phone or a portable device.

* It’s very easy to log in.

* Deployment takes place automatically by using the member identification provided in LDAP Groups.

* The deployment of more then 100,000 users can be done in one hour.

* Every user is charged annually without any hidden fees.

* The user can effortlessly move between devices, and can retain complete control.

* Significant cost savings can be achieved by using hardware tokens.

* Re-use of an AD (LDAP), is possible.

* There are many types and options of token-less operations.

* Easy integration of web, cloud and VPN providers

Considerations regarding solution implementation

Each organization should be aware of the following points when trying to implement the system through the help of a 2 factor authentication solution provider:

* “Turning off” a two factor authentication system can be hard. It requires participation from the user in order to make it work.

* The vulnerability of this system – The 2-factor authentication system is imperfect.

* Implementation problem- Currently, the system can only be implemented by one device.

* The similarity in different systems – Two-factor systems of today are more sophisticated and advanced than systems that were based on tokens, OTPs, or other tokens.

* The Benefit of the System – This system helps to reduce fraud and ensure compliance.

No worthwhile alternative

This system provides organizations with the best protection against fraud and sip hackers. It also prevents unauthorized access. If companies want to have a peaceful night’s sleep, they should seek out a 2 Factor Authentication Solutions provider. Even though this solution may not solve all the problems, it’s the best and most effective until another one is available.


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