The good news is that you don’t have to screen your Aussie’s health all on your own—there are professionals for that. Before you stress out about the lack of pep in your pup’s step, head to the vet for a second opinion on any sort of potential health problem.

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Some days, I just enjoy walking the bank of the river to check out all the scenery. Meanwhile, my aussie puppies are usually swimming down in the water having a good time. This seemed to do the job pretty well, but I don’t like repetitiveness. Below I provide 6 unique ways you can exercise your australian shepherd. After a bit of trial and error, I figured out the quickest way to tire out your australian shepherd is with high intensity exercise such as playing fetch or going for a run. Ever since then, my family and I have been constantly learning and immersing myself with these wonderful and intriguing dogs. These organizations provide a variety of services and information for keeping dogs safe and healthy over the winter.

The history and origin of the Australian Shepherd breed is not entirely clear-cut. It was developed in the United States, specifically in California, during the 19th century. However, some of the breed’s ancestors may have come from Europe, particularly the Basque region of Spain, where Basque shepherds used dogs to herd their flocks. One unique trait of the Australian Shepherd is its tendency to have heterochromia, or two different-colored eyes.

Australian Shepherd Size – How Big Do Australian Shepherds Get?

Australian Shepherds are motivated by praise and treats, and combined with their intelligence, they can pick up training rather quickly. To squeeze every last drop of joy out of every day with your Aussie, consider spoiling them with a BarkBox subscription. Every month, you and your canine companion can enjoy unboxing treats, original toys, and delicious, meaty chews. Born in the mountains of Europe and bred for long days of cattle wrangling, Aussies aren’t the easiest to tire out.

Pet Lifestyle

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These lovable lightning bolts need at least two hours of moderate exercise each day. At over a decade, the average lifespan of an Australian shepherd is remarkable—think of all the adventures you can go on during that time! That’s more than 4,000 daily walks (and a near-infinite number of belly rubs). Always use lukewarm water and shampoo formulated for use on dogs. Do not bathe your dog too often because it could dry out or irritate his skin. Keep doors closed to rooms where there are fragile or hazardous items so your puppy does not get into them. Puppies show off their enrichment seeking abilities and build confidence on novel object challenges.

Paw Care

In general, Aussies are incredibly energetic dogs that have the capability to work all day without any problem. They are affectionate and remarkably loyal dogs in the canine world. Usually, Aussies are very intelligent working dogs, and they can do a wide variety of jobs, including eye dogs, drug-sniffing dogs, search and rescue dogs, and hearing dogs. We can’t lie — the Animals Being Derps subreddit might be our go-to spot to scroll through videos that capture some of the funniest moments of our pets.

If necessary, shampoo and rinse again to be sure your dog is squeaky clean. If you are using a coat conditioner or skin moisturizer, follow the directions carefully. If possible, let your dog shake off any extra water, then towel dry him thoroughly. How often your Australian Shepherd requires bathing depends on where you live, how much time he spends outside, and how dirty he gets. Like kids, some Aussies have a knack for getting dirtier than others. A working dog may require bathing on a regular basis, say, every 4 to 6 weeks or so. Aussies who spend a great deal of time indoors may require bathing once every 3 or 4 months.

Dental hygiene is crucial for all dogs, and it is something that you should begin as soon as you bring your pup home. Dental care can be expensive, especially if you don’t make time for a dental regime. Professional dental cleaning costs between $100 and $700 on average.

Your vet can however try to reduce the severity of the cause of their hearing loss. Although they make a great first-time family pet due to these characteristics, a bored and lonely Aussie can be quite destructive at home too. So, before adopting one, be sure that you will be able to be there for your Mini Australian Shepherd. They bond strongly with their owners and are an extremely smart species. Thus, it is easier to train them and make them do small chores, tricks, or other activities that give them a sense of purpose. The characteristics of mini Australian shepherds like their appearance and size vary depending on the method used to breed them.

No Bath Required: How to Make Your Dog Smell Good Without a Bath

This involves asking the dog to do something before the humans pet it or give it attention. By asking the dog to earn these interactions, we can help it move into more of a follower’s mindset while simultaneously helping it practice various commands. Most puppies when moved to a strange place, cry for the first week or two. It is completely normal and it is because they are frightened, they do not understand where their littermates went or where their mother is. They basically want attention and many new dog owners become worried that the dog is just not happy with them. It can be hard to do because it is the same as hearing a baby crying for help and not going to help them.

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