Leading Provider of Passenger and Fleet Rail Connectivity Solutions

 Nomad Digital is the world’s leading provider of fleet and passenger connectivity solutions. Based in the UK, the company serves more than 80 global clients in 40 countries. Its products and services include passenger WiFi and onboard infotainment systems, and remote online condition-based monitoring and maintenance solutions. Nomad Digital’s solutions improve operational performance, fuel economy, and fleet management. To learn more about the company, visit www.nomaddigital.com.

Nomad Digital

Alstom has acquired Nomad Digital, the world’s leading provider of passenger and fleet rail connectivity solutions. The acquisition is part of a broader effort by the French company to integrate the company with its existing operations. Nomad’s rail connectivity solutions are now available in more than 40 countries. The deal is expected to close in early 2017. During the course of the acquisition, Nomad will retain its independent identity and its well-known brand


Nomad has been working with Dutch rail operator NS for over three years, retrofitting the entire fleet. The company has also successfully installed a range of passenger information displays across several fleet types. This has resulted in increased revenue, as customers can now take advantage of personalised journey information and tailored sales services. The integrated communication platform enables the integration of information and services from various sources, such as content, advertising, and journey information, on the train and across devices.

Veovo Passenger Density Management solution

Veovo has launched a Passenger Density Management solution that helps metro and rail operators deal with the challenges of social distancing. Recent lockdowns and COVID-19 regulations have led to a reduction of train traffic and reduced passenger capacity at many rapid transit stations around the world. Increasingly, these constraints have also been accompanied by a number of health considerations. With Veovo’s Passenger Density Management solution, operators can now make more informed decisions and adjust their plans to meet changing passenger numbers and evolving safety guidelines.

A Veovo Passenger wealth management solution can help transport companies manage their stations’ passenger flow with better data and insights. It can help with station-wide capacity planning and daily operational decisions. It also helps with the monitoring of station-wide density and flow, allowing airports to manage their infrastructure more efficiently. Its advanced algorithms can help airports plan and manage their passenger flow, and improve station-wide efficiency.


LTE/5G rail connectivity solutions for passenger or fleet mobility can make a big difference in both of these areas. Currently, the demand for data in the passenger market is increasing exponentially, while operational demands are even more pressing. For example, high-definition CCTV images and track measuring equipment offload enormous amounts of data. In one recent example, it took days to offload two terabytes of data!

LTE/5G rail connectivity solutions for passenger or fleet mobility require special hardware that is easy to integrate and maintain. Some of the most popular products for this application are designed to be cost-effective and easy to implement. FirstNet-ready devices, such as those from Digi, are already available in the market. And once installed, they have dual Ethernet ports. In addition, they come with all the certifications required by railways.


The Nomad Digital Wi-Fi system has 50,000 miles of track covered each year and enables seven million simultaneous Wi-Fi sessions. Its dual-screen solutions enable passengers to view advertising as well as journey information. Its combination of Wi-Fi connectivity, PIS, and infotainment enables real-time monitoring and remote operations. The Nomad Digital rail system also facilitates connectivity to all on-board systems, devices, and applications. These solutions are a crucial part of the operations improvement of train fleets around the world.

Icomera has forged strong partnerships with leading rail operators worldwide, including the SNCF, which has chosen the Icomera Passenger Wi-Fi system on its trains. After successful trials, Icomera won the contract after providing daily support and expertise to the French national rail operator. The WiFi service will be free for passengers, enabling them to do work while travelling, stay connected, and enjoy curated media content.

Intelligent Fleet Management

Nomad Digital is the world’s leading provider of passenger and fleet rail connectivity solutions. Nomad develops innovative passenger WiFi and on-board entertainment systems, and provides remote online condition-based maintenance solutions for fleet management and improved fuel efficiency. The Nomad platform allows operators to improve operational performance and reduce maintenance costs with automated processes. Nomad’s patented technology allows companies to gather critical operational data and feed it to train screens and on-board devices simultaneously.

IoT-based telematics and connectivity solutions from TGU improve visibility and security. Lack of visibility has resulted in many safety incidents involving railway fleets. Without visibility and evidence, accidents could go uninvestigated. IoT-based connectivity solutions such as TGU IoT FleetSense provide real-time visibility into train performance, safety compliance, and vehicle maintenance. With these solutions, fleet operators can ensure that their fleets are operating at optimal levels and improving customer satisfaction.


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