Gymnastics is a physical and mental demanding sport. Due to its demanding nature and stressful environment, injuries are very possible. Although most injuries are minor, some can prove to be very serious and potentially life-threatening. These risks are magnified when you try dangerous stunts. In this article I will be discussing common Gymnastics injuries Wirbelsäulengymnastik.

Wrist sprains

Gymnastics’ most important part is the wrist. The extreme twisting speed and jumps can make the wrist work twice as hard as our body weight. The wrist is especially vulnerable to injuries. Wrist sprains happen frequently. To avoid them, stop participating in any activities and get lots of rest. In the future, training should be less intense because wrists will be more susceptible to future injuries. You should wear a wrist brace prior to engaging in strenuous activities.

Anterior Cruciate Ligament Tear

ACL injuries happen frequently and can happen when the gymnast is in an awkward position. The ACL stabilizes and supports the knee. It can also rupture if it’s twisted under high forces. It will make a loud “pop” sound that is followed immediately by knee swelling. You should wear a supportive brace on your knees to prevent ACL damage. Gymnasts must strengthen their leg muscles for better support of the ligaments.

Foot injuries

Foot injuries are another common gymnastics injury. Ankle strain is the most common. Some minor foot injuries cause only slight swelling. However, severe cases can cause significant swelling and restrict mobility. Although a protective brace is sometimes necessary after foot injuries, it can affect the flexibility and mobility of the gymnast.

Back injuries

You can injure your back with a muscle strain or ligament sprain. The intensity of back pain depends on the activity performed. Exercising too much will result in the pain increasing. Back injuries are frequently referred to physical therapists. However they can also have deeper causes. The spinal disc disease is a serious injury to the back that can not be easily detected. The spine discs provide protection for our spine from shocks. However, they can be injured and the protective ability of our spine may be compromised.

Gymnastics is an extremely physically demanding and challenging sport, with high injury risks. Gymnasts are required to follow strict guidelines and must start their training early. Gymnastics injuries are harder to prevent than most other sports because of the inflexibility and concealability of the protective equipment.


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